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“She got into all four schools where she applied, and was awarded full scholarships at two of them!”

Ibbie Alexander

Families with High School Children

Do You Have These Concerns

  • College admission is a complex, competitive, and complicated process
  • Afraid you might miss an important task or date
  • College admission has changed dramatically since you were in school
  • Too much conflicting information
  • Cost of college is rising quicker than you can afford
  • Don't believe you will qualify for aid
  • Get little or no direction from your school
  • How are you going to pay for college?
  • With roughly 5000 college & universities, choosing the right one
  • Only 55% public and 65% private college students graduate in 6 years
  • Your child does not know what they want to study in college
  • Excessive student loan debt
  • 50% of recent college graduates are underemployed & living at home
  • Depleting your assets that you have worked your entire life to accumulate to pay for college?!
  • The price of a college for just one student now ranges from $50,000 at a state college to over $200,000 for many private colleges?
  • Having more than one child and education cost is rising 6-10% a year?
  • How old you will be when your last child graduates from college and if you will be forced to work past age 65 because of college cost?
  • Overwhelmed and stressed about the entire college process?

Clark College Funding Inc. Can Help

  • Get Ahead & do it Faster
  • Less stress and enjoy participating in your child's college process
  • Learn how to make a $100,000 decision the right way
  • Create a plan to pay for college
  • Your child will get the competitive edge with our experienced staff and insight
  • Identify schools that are the best fit socially, academically, and financially 
  • Strategize the best ways to secure your admission
  • Qualify for the most scholarships and grants
  • Find "Tax Scholarships" to reduce the cost of college
  • Make education affordable
  • Admission, Scholarships, and the best Financial Aid package
  • Complete the Financial Aid Forms
  • Keep your child motivated to go to college
  • Organized so you do not miss any important steps
  • Select the "right" college for your child
  • Help Identify a Major for your child
  • Best strategies and tools to maximize the SAT/ACT test scores
  • Expert advice on writing and editing your essay
  • Use Leverage & Competition to pay wholesale price for college

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