When Visiting Colleges In The Summer – Be Sure To Check Out The Campus Dorms

When Visiting Colleges In The Summer – Be Sure To Check Out The Campus Dorms


If you plan to visit college campuses during the summer months then be sure to do your due diligence and check out the campus dorms. If you visit during the summer months the campus is likely to be somewhat empty. Because most students will be off campus it is likely that your tour will not include seeing the campus dorms. If this is the case, you should ask during your tour if it is possible to check out the dorms. Chances are they will honor your request. If you do not have a scheduled tour and you are just walking the campus don’t forget to take a peek at the dorms if you get the chance! According to the Princeton Review’s “The Best 376 Colleges, 2012 Edition”, the following are the 20 best and the 20 worst campus dorms in the country:

The Top 20 Campus Dorms

  1. Harvard University
  2. Loyola College in Maryland
  3. Scripps College
  4. Bowdoin College
  5. Bryn Mawr College
  6. Claremont McKenna College
  7. Elon University
  8. George Washington University
  9. Harvey Mudd College
  10. Haverford College
  11. Hollins University
  12. Lawrence University
  13. Middlebury College
  14. Mount Holyoke College
  15. Pepperdine University
  16. Skidmore College
  17. Smith College
  18. Trinity University (Texas)
  19. Wilkes University
  20. Yale University

The Worst 20 Campus Dorms  

  1. Hampton University
  2. St. John’s University
  3. University of Nevada Las Vegas
  4. West Point Military Academy
  5. Boston University
  6. Franklin & Marshall College
  7. Georgia Institute of Technology
  8. Hanover College
  9. Indiana University-Purdue University
  10. Sacramento State
  11. Auburn University
  12. Drexel University
  13. Rhode Island School of Design
  14. San Diego State University
  15. Stony Brook University
  16. University of South Dakota
  17. University of South Florida
  18. University of Washington
  19. United States Coast Guard Academy
  20. University of Hawaii at Manoa





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