Welcome Message - Watch First! (Magna and Summa Coaching Clients Only)

Watch this FIRST! Course instructions, schedules, downloads, and welcome message from Ryan Clark. (Magna & Summa Coaching Clients Only)

Additional Programs You Will Be Using

  • GuidedPath

    We will be using this program to help guide students and families in the college planning and selection process.  It will also allow me to track progress, milestones and deadlines.  You will be emailed a log in and password.

    Homework: Watch Video Tour of GuidedPath

  • My Career Planner (MCP)

    MCP is an Online Interactive Self-Assessment, Career Exploration, and Planning System.  You will be emailed a log in and password.

    Homework: Watch Introdution to MCP

  • ePrep

    ePrep provides expert, online test prep courses for the SAT, ACT and PSAT tests that deliver the value of a private tutor at a fraction of the cost. You will be emailed a log in and password.

    Homework: Watch Tour of Eprep

  • Google Hangouts

    We will be using this program to communicate with each other. Hangouts bring conversations to life with  video calls for free.  Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices.  Please open an account.  You can find me, Ryan Clark, at collegecostreduction@gmail.com

    Homework: Download and Watch Free Video Calls

Coaching Calendar

  1. We need to schedule your Quick Start Session!  It is a one-on-one session with me to review my program and to get to meet you (You must attend the Quick Start Session before joining regular coaching sessions).
  2. Please contact me or click here to see my calendar to schedule your quick start session!
  3. Please select a Group below that will accommodate your family to join a Regular Group Coaching Session
  4. For all Regular Goup Meetings, please immediately email Coach Ryan Clark at rclark@clarkcollegefunding.com if you are unable to make the scheduled meeting to work out  an alternate plan (You are required to attend all group meetings).
  5.  Please select your meeting Group below and let me know your selection during the Quick Start Session!
  6. The small Group Sessions will be no bigger than 6 students/families at a time.

Coaching Meeting Phone Numbers and Times

• First Monday of every month, 8pm Eastern – Group I

• First Wednesday of every month, 8pm Eastern – Group 2

• First Thursday of very month, 8pm Eastern – Group 3

• First Sunday of very month, 8pm Eastern – Group 4

TIME ZONE converter click here

PLEASE READ: If a holiday happens to land on a day we are scheduled to have a Group Meeting, we will reschedule to another day and time.

For My Summa Cum Laude Personal Coaching:

Quick Start and Regular Coaching Sessions are a one-on-one session with me (you must attend all coaching sessions).

***A 48 hour notice is required if you are not able to meet.

PLEASE READ: If a holiday happens to land on a day we are scheduled to meet, we will reschedule to another day and time.

Coaching Emails – Tell your coach if you will miss a session.

Ryan Clark, Lead Coach – Ph: 704.944.3543 Email: rclark@Clarkcollegefunding.com

Lucrative Referral Program


Our Partnership:

Since you are now a member of the Clark College Funding Inc. “family,” you are an unofficial “Associate” or “Affiliate” of the CCF family and I want you to share in our success!! Whether you are a Free, Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude member of the College Aid for Middle Class, you are automatically an affiliate with an active account.

The highest form of compliment that you can give a person in my profession is an introduction to someone who you would like to see benefit from my services. It shows your trust and confidence in me and your willingness to share that with others. Not only will you be helping me expand my business, more importantly you will be helping those you introduce to me.

For every referral you make who moves forward with our program, you will receive a lucrative commission or referral fee; your referral will receive a $50 discount off our services (in addition to the unmatched college assistance we will supply them); and I receive a new client…Everybody wins!

Earn commissions on ALL products, virtual workshops, coaching, etc., when your referrals upgrade to another product or service.  Commissions range depending on the product that is purchased: Cum Laude Commission $100, Magna Cum Laude Commission $150, Summa Cum Laude Commission $200. When your referrals upgrade any time in the future using the same account they start with, you’ll earn the commission!


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