Three Essential College Goals

Psychology of Winning

Takeaways from the video lesson….

  • How many thousands of students every year are depressed b/c they did not get into their “dream” school?
  • Those same students got into other great schools, but still feel disappointed
  • Many categorize their schools: Reach, Target, and Safety School
  • Negative connotation with “Reach,” "Target," and “Safety”
  • “Reach” implies not good enough, and somehow you snuck into the school.
  • “Target” implies average
  • “Safety” implies you lowering your standards
  • Need Better Goals!
  • Essential Level™ Goal = Many colleges that fit me socially, academically, & financially.
  • Ambitious Level™ Goal = I have been invited to attend an Honors College. I have a hard decision to choose between many great colleges. I am not putting a huge financial burden on me or my family.
  • Dream Level™ Goal = Free Ride!
  • When you set a goal and achieve it, no matter how small, you feel good about it
  • You enhance your self-esteem no matter what level of the goal you reach!


  1. Download and print your “Essential College Goals”
  2. Put it in your notebook or some place where you can see them on a daily basis
  3. Review the goals after you receive the financial aid award letters in the spring of the senior year
  4. Did you make any of your goals?

March – May of senior year reflect back on your goals

After reviewing all the official financial aid award letters in the Spring of the senior year, you can check to see if you met any of the goals.

  • Did you reach the Essential Level™ ?
  • Did you stretch to reach any of the Ambitious Level™ ?
  • Did you outrageously reach the Dream Level™ ?

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