Refine Your College List with Academic & Financial Fit

Big Fish in Little Pond

Takeaways from the video lesson….

  • “Big Fish – Little Pond Effect”
  • The more elite an educational institution is, the worse students feel about their own academic abilities
  • How you feel about your abilities in the classroom can shape your willingness to take on challenges and finish difficult tasks.
  • The Big Pond takes really bright students and demoralizes them.
  • “Best” is what is the ideal college for you and not someone else.
  • “The smarter your peers, the dumber you feel: the dumber you feel, the more likely you will drop out..”
  • The average earnings of students who were accepted by both moderately and highly selective schools did not differ, no matter if these students attended the moderately selective school or the highly selective school.
  • Abilities and characteristics of the individual more important than anything learned in college or the name/networking power of the institution!

Step#1: Gather “Social Fit” List

  • Start with your list of colleges that are a good fit socially and have the majors your student wants to study!
  • Between 20 to 100 schools
  • Answer the question: Why did I choose these schools?

Step #2: Purge Your List

  • Use Emotional Intelligence & F.E.A.R.
  • FEAR:
  • F – False
  • E – Evidence
  • A – Appearing
  • R – Real
  • The more facts, numbers, and ratios = more informed opinion
  • Forming your own opinion will eliminate FEAR
  • Don’t rely on opinions of others…friends, family, other parents

Step #4: Dismissal of Colleges

  • You need to eliminate colleges from your “Social Fit” list based upon SAT/ACT score:
  • Eliminate all colleges in which a student is not in the top 25% of SAT of ACT scores
  • Where does the student fit compared to last year's freshman class
  • Be a Big Fish in a Little Pond!
  • Scholarships, Honors Programs, Better Grades, Job Opportunities, Graduate School, etc….
  • List is now a good fit Socially and Academically

Step#5: Good Fit Financially

  • Watch Video Lesson: Slash Your College Cost
  • Use “Clark College Funding Laws of College Selection”
  • Eliminate & filter out all the schools from your “Social and Academic Fit” by using the appropriate strategy:
  1. Modest EFC Strategy
  2. Intermediate EFC Strategy
  3. Elevated EFC Strategy

Step #6: Evaluate Your College List

Results: Good fit: Socially, Academically, and Financially

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