Your Initial College Search: Clarify What You Want In A College

Know the answer to the question: What am I looking for in a college?

Takeaways from the video lesson….

  • Answer all questions honestly and thoroughly
  • Don’t anticipate how your friends or parents would want you to answer
  • Answer for yourself
  • You might be wondering why go through this since you just want to attend the “best” school you can get into
  • “Best” is what is the ideal college for you and not someone else
  • You want to take control of the college process and that starts with your state of mind
  • You should be choosing the colleges and not waiting on the colleges to choose you
  • You need to know why you choose a particular school
  • Knowing why you selected your list of college is one of the most important skills you can learn
  • A College Fit is one that is a good fit Socially, Academically, and Financailly!


  1. Get results of the personality & career aptitude test for majors you are interested in (previous vidoe lesson)
  2. Review the results on “Social Qualities That Make College Right For You”
  3. Go to list of College Selection Search Engines to start the funnel approach
  4. Filter out colleges that don’t meet your criteria from the “Social Qualities That Make College Right For You”
  5. This will be you Initial college list of schools called your “Social Fit” colleges
  6. List of schools should be between 20 to 100 schools
  7. Should be able to answer the question: Why did you choose these colleges?
  8. Next you will use this list to filter out colleges that are not a good fit academically & financially

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