Module#2: Develop Self Awareness

Are you more excited about college than your child? Do you think they really know why they are going to college?

Takeaways from the video lesson….

  • Find Your Role Model(s)
    Find Your Role Model(s)

    Research indicates that role models can have an impact on your beliefs and behaviors. When you consider finding your role model(s), think of: Who do you look up to? Who inspires you? Whose life do you think to emulate? Please do not use a fictional character. While Superman is a good role model, we need to find real life examples of individuals that actually have flaws, problems, and difficulties in their lives. Finding more than one role model is optimal.

  • Finding Your 'WHY'
    Finding Your 'WHY'

    One thing I have noticed throughout history is that all great people on this earth had a vision or a purpose. They lived their lives every day trying to achieve this purpose. They reflected on what they did and what they needed to do to achieve this vision. I like to call this purpose or vision a person’s “WHY”

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