Your College Suitcase: What To REALLY Pack for College

In this video, you will learn the most important information and items a student should pack when they are moving away to college for the first time.

Congratulations! What you Really Need to Pack:

  • Pack Realistic Expectations
  • Bring the Right Attitude
  • Use ALL your resources
  • Meet with your Professors often
  • Go to class
  • Plan to study - block off your time
  • Bring an open mind and patience
  • Expect the lack of privacy
  • Expect the lack of sleep
  • Anticipate different lifestyles and values
  • Difference of opinions can be a learning experience
  • Dorm Life is a Cruise ship without water
  • You will be homesick, but do not go home
  • Bring a few photos
  • Leave most of the local T-shirts at home
  • Don't be physically in college and mentally at home
  • Pack your personal health and safety
  • Emotions are high for everyone
  • Pay attention to younger siblings
  • Don't run to your parents with every problem
  • Parents, give your students some space
  • Talk about your budget
  • Have expectations for communications
  • Know the cost of your social life
  • Parents mail a care package
  • Students write a letter to your parents
  • Pack shower shoes

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Great job! After watching this video lesson, you are now a "college planning master!"  You have completed your training.  Congratulations on a job well done!

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