"Let's Make A Deal" - How to Appeal to Get More College Aid

In this video you will learn about how to how to compare college award letters, evaluate and grade your awards, and how to properly appeal your award for more money.

Appeal Letter Guidelines

  • Originate from student not parents
  • Student ID number in both subject, heading, and closing (use SS# if for some reason you do not have ID)
  • Address the letter to a person
  • Name on award letter
  • Spell name correctly
  • No name on award letter: Ask College who to send it to
  • Brevity: 4 – 6 paragraphs
  • GPA, class rank, and test scores
  • Other marketable qualities (asset to their school)
  • Be gracious:
  • The tone of the letter should not read like a negotiation, but an appeal
  • Humility and sincerity
  • You need their help
  • Never use the term negotiate
  • Email and mail it – Make sure they get it
  • Include All Documentation
  • When citing the schools numbers use commas to denote thousands (Example: $4,587)
  • Copy FAA, coach, admissions rep.,etc….
  • Let them know if you will be meeting them in person
  • Follow up with a visit or phone call in 5 days
  • Persistence: Start calling if you have not received an answer
  • Contact FAA if you have new information
  • Rewrite, rework, and resend
  • Go Visit: Face to Face is the best


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