Module 1: Goals

In this video you will learn about how to guarantee that your child will graduate from college!

Takeaways from the video lesson….

After watching the video, I hope you understand the importance of parents maintaining some of the control when the child leaves for college.  I also think it is important for the child to have some "skin in the game." In the video I teach one technique of guaranteeing a child graduates from college by parents saving money in a special account while the child is in college and using the "threat" college loans to help drive home the point.  I am not a big proponent of college loans.  I think the less loans one has the better and we will show you how to minimize the cost in your next training video on enrollment management.   With graduation rates being so low today, it is imperative that we make sure a child graduates from college and it should be your number one goal!

Taking out loans in the child's name (and co-signed by the parents), and having the parents save money to help pay off these loans when the child graduates, is a great way to guarantee a child graduates.  However, it is not the only way.  Another option to consider is having the child work while in college to help pay for their expenses.  Studies have found that students who work in college, do better academically then students who do not work (if a student works more than 25 hours a week, their grades tend to suffer)!  If a student is using their sweat and their income to help pay the bills, I can assure you they will take college seriously.  Moreover, it looks great on a resume'.  What employer would not be impressed by a student who had great grades, and who worked their way through college!

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