Ryan speaks on variety topics to schools, non-profit organizations, and other parent & student groups.

I Love Speaking at Schools!

I try to be a valuable resource for high school counselors, students, and parents. I am often invited to speak at private and public high schools during the academic year to assist schools with informing families of how to make the college process easier and making college more affordable. I like to volunteer my time to help! I work with the counselors on topcis that they would like for me to present. Counselors are faced with increased work load, and less time to speak with students and families about college. I can help with your college informmation nights!

Guidance Department

I know the importance of a good guidance department. They are student advocates who inspire students to achieve their goals, help them graduate from high school, and attend college. I like to help them with the challenges of getting their message to their families by being invited to speak at their school. I strive to be a valuable resource for high school counselors, students, and parents. I present on a variety of topics like:

  • How To Choose College Using Your Heart and Your Pocketbook? 
  • Introduction to Financial Aid
  • Good College Fit: Social, Academic, and Financial
  • Is a Gap Year Right For You?
  • Where Scholarships
  • Start Planning Now! (Middle School)
  • Much More...

PTA's, PTO's, and PTSA's

I’m sure you are always looking for people to assistance you in getting your message to your families and to increase membership in your organization. While working with many PTA's /PTO's over the last decade, I have found out that raising money is always an unpleasant task in today’s climate. As one PTA president once told me, “When considering different ways to raise funds, you must also take into account the time spent vs. return on investment". I could not agree more with this quote, and that is why I have the best solution for your PTA/PTO!

I would like to propose using my books, “College Aid for Middle Class America” and "College Entrance Game Plan" as a fundraiser for the local high school PTA/PTO:  



 I will present to your families a sixty minute college planning (information only) session on how to select, apply, and finance college; teaching some of the strategies discussed in my books.

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Book Sale

The PTO or PTSA will sell copies of my book for the retail price and I will donate 50% of all proceeds. (The other 50% will cover shipping and handling)


Everyone Wins

Donating my book and educating families is part of my giving back to the community. I get the opportunity for wonderful public relations, the parents get real-world strategies on college planning, and the PTO is able to raise money with little cost of effort.


“I would certainly recommend Ryan to any school. Feedback from our parents regarding his presentation has been that he gave valuable assistance. The response to his program has been so positive; I have invited him to speak for over a decade!”

Kim Faulk, Guidance Counselor

“With the sale of his book that night, the PTSA made over $800 dollars!I am going to encourage next year's board to bring you back again!

Jill Lindstrom, PTSA President