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(From the rising cost of college to the complex rules of admissions, I have your solution!)

Flexible Options

My training provides maximum flexibility to students and families. Training may be started immediately via our self-study format, or through live, scheduled meetings and classes.  Families have the option of selecting the very popular self-study courses and books, consulting on a particular topic of interest, or live comprehensive coaching classes.

I have the college planning tools to save you time and money on any budget!
For more information about these options, contact me via email at or schedule a time to chat with me by calling 704-944-3543.

Comprehensive Coaching Options:

  • Cum Laude

    Cum Laude means “with honor” in Latin.  You will experience less stress and enjoy participating in your child’s college planning by learning proven, time-tested strategies to select, apply, and finance college.more-info-button-silver small

  • Magna Cum Laude

    Magna cum laude is a Latin phrase meaning “with great honor,” and is a title I use for my next level coaching program.  The families who “graduate” from this coaching not only get proven, time-tested strategies and coaching, but we also help implement these strategies to guarantee success. more-info-button-silver small

  • Summa Cum Laude

    Summa Cum Laude means “with highest honor.”  This is the highest of my three special coaching programs.  We give you unparalleled direction and coaching.  This unique and uncommon approach is extremely successful.  This comprehensive approach guides you through each stage of the college planning process.  Our expertise and coaching, coupled with the tools we give you, has helped secure millions of dollars in scholarship funding over the years.  more-info-button-silver small

Self-Study Training Options:

  • eBook

    How to Find Your Dream College & Pay Wholesale Price (coming soon)

  • Book

    College Aid for Middle Class America: Solutions to Paying Wholesale vs. Retail more-info-button-silver small

  • The Master's Plan

    A comprehensive monthly membership.  Affordable solutions for the high cost of education.™ more-info-button-silver small

  • Test Prep

    Expertise of a Private Tutor with the  Affordability & Flexibility of an Online Course! Be Prepared with Confidence on Test Day.
    more-info-button-silver small

Specific Consulting Options:

  • Create A Plan to Pay for College

    Do you have a plan?  Will it put you in the poor house?  Is it tax efficient?  Will it maximize merit and need based aid? Can you reduce your EFC Number? We help families get extra aid and discounts from the colleges!

  • Maximize Your College Financial Aid Package

    LET’S MAKE A DEAL: How to Appeal to Get More Financial Aid. Multiply your odds of winning the college aid game and increase your aid. Learn proven strategies to receive more financial aid more-info-button-silver small

  • Choosing "The Right" Colleges

    Professional help to assist you in narrowing down schools that are a good fit – socially, academically, and financially. Find multiple colleges that will compete for your child!

  • Choosing A Career/Major

    Unsure of what your major will be in college?  Find all the careers that you will enjoy & excel at!