ePrep is easy to use and the videos are easy to follow. I practice with ePrep whenever I have a break in my busy schedule. I have actually been doing better in school since I started eprepping for the SAT

William M.

Thanks a million for your help!!! Hannah brought her score up from a 28 (stuck for three consecutive tests) to a 30! This means she will get a full scholarship at her chosen school. Our friends will hear about your terrific service. You saved us $20,800!

Katrina L.

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Why are ePrep Courses Better?

  • ePrep features full-length practice tests that you can take whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you—day or night, at home or on the road.
  • ePrep courses include hundreds of videos with teaching experts actually demonstrating how to solve practice problems.
  • ePrep Analytics™—ePrep’s adaptive diagnostic tool—will do more than grade your tests. As you work through the course, it will continually analyze your potential, direct your efforts, and track your progress.
  • ePrep WordSmith™ is an interactive vocabulary builder that actually makes learning words easy and fun.

Be prepared with confidence on test day

Expertise of Private Tutor with Affordability &
Flexibility of Online Course

The Show Me vs. Tell Me Difference
Most online preparation programs are merely repurposed books, giving students the burdensome, confusing, and often time consuming task of figuring out how each answer explanation relates to the execution of the problem and the process required to actually work out the answer. ePrep videos model problem solving in the very environment (i.e., same space, same pencil) that students will face on test day.

Simulates Real Test Conditions
If the test were administered online, it would make sense for you to complete practice tests online. The SAT/ACT is currently administered offline, however,so it is critical that you practice in the same pencil-paper environment that you will experience on test day. ePrep provides you with online access to printable practice tests for at-home or at-school practice. ePrep then uses the power and scalability of the Internet to deliver electronic grading and expert video instruction.

Proven Methodology of Test-Grade-Review Cycle
When it comes to scoring high on the SAT/ACT, there are no shortcuts, quick fixes, or secret codes. The good news, however, is that the SAT/ACT is not a "black box" either. You can master the SAT/ACT with practice and guided review. ePrep for the SAT/ACT employs the proven test-grade-review methodology: The student completes a practice section in Math, Critical Reading, or Writing offline under timed conditions; the student logs in and submits answers for electronic grading; and, finally, the student launches into a guided video review of practice test problems.

Adapts to the Individual
Every student learns at a different pace and has different strengths and weaknesses. ePrep’s Study Hall will help you find and achieve your maximum SAT/ACT score. Instead of merely taking an initial practice exam and basing your course on those results, ePrep’s Study Hall —powered by ePrep Analytics™ — monitors and guides your remedial efforts throughout the entire study program. ePrep for the SAT/ACT/PSAT- Whenever or Wherever- ePrep for the SAT/ACT/PSAT meets you on your terms—anytime, anywhere. After taking a practice test, you can access—24 hours a day/7 days a week—for electronic grading and video review. In addition,ePrep’s Study Hall gives you 24/7 access to more than 50 subject-matter and test-strategy videos. Finally, 24/7 access to ePrep’s WordSmith vocabulary builder will help you develop a college-level working vocabulary.

ePrep Advantage

  • Experts

    Founded by a team of Princeton University graduates, ePrep is the most affordable, expert way to maximize your standardized test scores

  • Innovator is a leading innovator in standardized test preparation and features online, video-based courses with expert instruction.

  • Educational

    ePrep videos are well-designed and easy to follow, but most important, the ePrep method is educational.  It teaches math and English, not merely how to take math and English tests.

T. Bracken T. Bracken, Parent

My son is an athlete with a busy schedule. I feel good knowing that ePrep will not only help him score higher on the SAT, it will help him prepare for the academic demands of a selective college.

Sally H. Sally H., Parent

With our third child, we went with ePrep instead of a local tutor or a well-known SAT course. It was the best money we spent getting a child into a good college. I wish we had done it for Dylan's older brother and sister.

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