Our Uniqueness, Your Advantage

If you need help with selecting, applying, or paying for college, you're in the right place

What Makes Us Unique

  • The combined expertise of a guidance counselor, financial aid specialist, educational consultant, and college planner all in one location.
  • We will help you with academic planning, financial planning, student enrollment, and college positioning
  • We excel at assisting families in finding and applying to colleges.
  • But we also excel at making sure the colleges you choose are a good fit financially.
  • We will help you address how a family is going to pay for college!
  • We will position you to get as much free money as possible to reduce the cost of college.
  • Clark College Funding fills that gap and provides the knowledge and expertise you need to better manage the effects the high cost of education can have on your financial plans and retirement strategies.
  • We provide guidance on how to use the IRS tax code to receive "tax scholarships"
  • Cash flow strategies that can save you thousands
  • Give you the necessary tools to position you to qualify for the most college financial aid
  • No one else has expertise in these various fields of studies – most traditional advisors (financial planner,stockbroker, accountant, school counselor, etc…) do not have the specialty training and education, as well as planning tools, in the specialized field of college financial planning.
  • Some insurance agents/financial planners planners disguise themselves as college planning experts, so they can sell you other financial products.
  • At CCF, we specialize only in college planning and we have the experience of working with many families throughout the United States.
  • Now that you have a better idea about the result you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients,  go to the Services/Programs page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.

Trusted allies of School Counselors, CPAs, Lawyers & Financial Planners

  • Time-tested and Proven strategies
  • We work with and talk with your other advisers to help implement the strategies we recommend
  • Vital part of your team of advisers

Meet Anywhere

  • Flexible Options: Face-to-face or Virtual Meetings
  • If you have a computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection, we can meet
  • I have Clients throughout the United States
  • Don't waste time on commuting
  • Save on gas
  • No additional cost for you - save money
  • Convenience, Time Saver, & Easy set up
  • You have a busy schedule; let's meet when it is convenient for you
  • Flexible Hours

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