How We Work

If you need help with selecting, applying, or paying for college, you're in the right place

“We would like to thank you for your help and guidance in this college process.  I don’t think that Houston would be where he is if it were not for you.  THANK YOU!!!”

Susan Skipper

My Mission

To make every family's dream of a college education an affordable reality by revealing proven strategies that radically changes how a family selects, applies, and pays for college.

My Approach is Based on Five Convictions

  • Social, Financial, and Academic Fit - If your college list does not meet all three criteria, then it is not a good fit.  Wouldn't you like to know before you apply if  you will receive financial aid to make a college affordable, and if you child will grow and blossom at a specific school? We will show you and help you with selecting the right colleges to make sure it is a good fit.
  • Children who attend college should graduate college. - Given that the price of a college for just one student now ranges from $60,000 at a state college to over $200,000 for many private colleges and the cost is rising 8% to 15% a year, college is a major investment for all families. Knowing the national average of the 4 yr. college graduation rate is only 24%, it is essential that we provide a plan to pay for college in a way that encourages your children to graduate.
  • Families should not go broke or take out excessive loans.  Regardless of income or assets, very few families can afford to spend an additional $50,000 to $200,000 in after-tax dollars.  Spending this amount of money has a significant impact on a family’s finances.  Families are seeing their assets that they have worked their entire life to accumulate such as home equity, brokerage accounts, their business, etc. be depleted to pay for college.
  • Competition and Leverage - To get the best financial award letter from colleges, the family must be positioned together. Your child will need to be marketed to the right colleges and you will need to have your college financial plan in order.
  • Flexible Service Plans & Products– Different clients need different solutions. One size does not fit all. Although we have a service module that addresses a wide variety of issues, we approach each family with the same attitude: We design our plans so you can get a great college education for a great price.

Paint by the Numbers System

  • We will help you start from scratch - no experience necessary
  • Step-by-step guides to keep you on track
  • Fast and simple
  • Proven strategies used by over a thousand families with average savings between $40,000 to $70,000 per child
  • Video Instruction with Personal Coaching

Meet Anywhere

  • Flexible Options: Face-to-face or Virtual Meetings
  • If you have a computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection, we can meet
  • I have Clients throughout the United States
  • Don't waste time on commuting
  • Save on gas
  • No additional cost for you - save money
  • Convenience, Time Saver, & Easy set up
  • You have a busy schedule; let's meet when it is convenient for you
  • Flexible Hours

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