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Over the last decade, Ryan has worked with over a thousand students across the United States.  He brings a unique perspective from both the admissions and financial sides of college planning process. As Founder and CEO of Clark College Consulting and Clark College Funding, he has dedicated his practice to finding the finest college education for an outstanding price for every family!

Ryan Clark is a recognized college planning expert, consultant, speaker, author, and coach.  He is the author of the books “College Aid for Middle Class America: Solutions to Paying Wholesale vs. Retail" and "College Entrance Game Plan."

He has certifications from the National Institute of Certified Planners. He is also a member of the National Association of College Advisors, National College Advocacy Group, Higher Education Consultants Association, Southern Association for College Admission Counseling, and the North Carolina School Counselor Association.  Learn more about Ryan by visiting HERE. 


My Practice Fosuses On A Good College Fit 

Social Fit

A good social fit will not guarantee your student will graduate from college, but researchers have found that it is the most important factor.  

Academic Fit

Graduating with a degree is the primary goal in college.  Do you know what academic experience will help you prosper and achieve this goal?

Financial Fit

Cost is not the only factor when reviewing your options, but it should be considered.  Know the difference between appearing expensive & being expensive.

Educational Consultant and Founder

Ryan Clark, MBA, CCPS

The combined expertise of a guidance counselor, financial aid specialist, educational consultant, and college planner all in one location.

What Our Clients Say

 "She got into all four schools she applied, and was awarded FULL SCHOLARSHIPS at two of them!"

Ibbie Alexander

"We saved over $150,000 in college cost -A huge return on the cost of Ryan's services!"

Ed Machen 

"With the help of Clark College Consulting, our daughter got a full ride scholarship!"

Jose Munoz

My Approach is Based on Five Convictions

Social, Financial, and Academic Fit: If your college list does not meet all three criteria, then it is not a good fit.  Wouldn't you like to know before you apply if you will receive financial aid to make a college affordable and if you child will grow and blossom at a specific school? We will show you and help you with selecting the right colleges to make sure it is a good fit.
Children who attend college should graduate college:
Approximately 19% of full-time students at a public university earn a bachelor's degree in four years. Surprisingly, even at selective, state flagship universities, only 36% of students complete their bachelor's degree on time. Given that the price of a college is rising 8% to 15% a year, it is essential that we provide a plan to pay for college in a way that encourages your children to graduate.
You should not go broke or take out excessive loans: Regardless of income or assets, very few families can afford to spend an additional $60,000 to $200,000 in after-tax dollars. Spending this amount of money has a significant impact on a family’s finances.  Assets that you have worked your entire life to accumulate such as home equity, brokerage accounts, their business, retirement, etc. are being depleted to pay for college.
Competition and Leverage: A family should use their "heart and their calculator" to make a good college choice. Your child will need to be marketed to the right colleges and have multiple options to consider when making their final college selection.
Flexible Service Plans & Products: Different clients require different solutions. I have created programs and tools that address a wide variety of needs and given my clients the flexibility to even design their plans.  All of our programs are focused on the idea of getting the finest college education for an excellent price!


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