Does it matter how you list colleges on the FAFSA?

When you complete and file a FAFSA, you include which colleges to send your FAFSA to. Then the colleges will download your financial information, using it to make a financial or merit award decision. Therefore it is important to get the information to the colleges as soon and orderly as possible. To maximize your options,…

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SAT Subject Based Test Questions and Answers

SAT Subject tests are based on the curriculum you have in class.  It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of a particular subject. According to the College Board, “The SAT Subject Tests offer you an additional opportunity to show colleges what you know and what you know you can do. Many colleges use the SAT Subject…

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How do I know how much I will pay for my college?

Paying for college

Paying for college is often compared to paying for airline tickets. No two people pay the same price. What will your costs be at college? How much you pay for college depends on so many factors.  Knowing what those factors are, and how college will look at your family’s financial situation, will help you know…

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Top 10 factors to consider for your “Perfect” college

Top 10 Colleges

Do you dream about finding the perfect prom dress? Or the perfect hamburgers (In and Out comes to mind)?  How about the perfect college?  How do you know which college is perfect? You need to know what is important to YOU. Here are the Top 10 factors to consider for your “Perfect” college: Academics: How important is…

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When Should I Take The SAT/ACT?


Everyone is weighing in on what strategy to take for the new SAT’s. How do you approach other challenges in life?  Juniors  Your personality influences your choice. What personality type are you? Using the test dates for your personality type, plan your testing schedule for the next year.  Sophomores and Freshman  You will have the…

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How Do You Measure Your Chances for College Admissions?

My Chances

How competitive for college admissions will you be? This is based on several factors. Some factors are more measurable in the college applications process than others. The easily measured factors include: Your GPA Your tests scores on ACT, AP, SAT or Subject tests Less measurable, but equally important in your college application process are: How…

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5 SAT/ACT Test Day Tips

You are signed up and ready to take the ACT or SAT test!  Here are 5 tips to make getting ready for the test easy.  Ace the test by starting off on the right foot.Have everything you need ready when you leave to take your test on aSaturday morning.  5 Test Day Tips  1. Get…

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Why Should You Care About College Fairs or College Visits?

College Visits College Fair

Who better to learn about a college than from a college representative?  There are two ways to meet representatives from colleges: College visits to your school College fairs in your area College Visits Check your school calendar for dates/times of college visits.  Mark these on your calendar.  Research the college before you go into meeting.…

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What do I look for when comparing colleges for quality?

Comparing colleges

There are over 2800 four-year colleges and universities in the United States alone.  How do you search and compare the qualities of a college? How do you find one that fits you best and offers you value?  As you search the web and visit colleges, ask yourself these questions: What are the academics like at…

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Three Steps to Outstanding Letters of Recommendation

Steps to Recommenadation

The buzz around school right now is all about letters of recommendations.  How do you get the best recommendations for your college applications? Here are 3 steps to outstanding recommendations:  1. Get Ready. Before you start asking teachers, counselor or others for a letter of recommendation, do your homework. It will pay off for you…

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