Choosing Your College Wisely

 Choosing Your College Wisely

Some Colleges Offer Outstanding Educations… And Money!

With over 3,000 four-year colleges to choose from, it might seem that selecting an elite (and expensive) college or university would help to leverage your personal and professional success. If this were the case, then choosing an Ivy League or Top-25 school would virtually guarantee those students an edge over other graduates in the workforce.

However, there is no evidence that any school provides the right mix of factors to ensure personal and professional success. The only statistic available that shows the value of a college degree comes from a census study done by the federal government in the year 2012, which indicates that the average college graduate can expect to earn about $1,000,000 more than a high school graduate over a working lifetime.

In reality though, an Ivy League degree does not guarantee anything except the short-term branding of one’s perceived quality or value as a person or an employee. There is no research that suggests an Ivy League college degree provides more earning potential over a lifetime, more happiness, more insight, more knowledge, or more self-worth per-dollar-cost than any other school in the country. Actually, a study by Forbes magazine revealed that among the CEOs of leading Fortune 300 corporations, 87% did not attend a Top 25 school for their undergraduate studies.

The fact remains that most college students do not attend elite colleges, regardless of the “nameplate” or “brand” of school they choose to attend. Many Tier 2 schools offer tremendous value, depending upon the needs, wants, and values that an individual student is looking for in his or her college search. Furthermore, you’ll find many corporate, foundation, and civic leaders who graduated from Tier 3 public and private schools too.officeperson

And what about money?

Many Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges offer significant grants, scholarships and tuition discounts in order to attract quality students, regardless of the family’s income or financial need. Whereas Ivy League schools only offer financial aid to families with financial need.

Students enter college from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Then they graduate into a workforce with a specific set of skills, knowledge, and attitude shaped by very diverse experiences. No two graduates are alike and no two schools are alike. Just remember, the right college choice can make a big difference in the student’s future; however, the wrong choice could cost a bundle.

If you have a junior or senior in high school and you’d like to be sure that your student picks the right school for their future – and your budget; please contact our office as soon as possible. We can help your student make the right college decision, which can make a BIG difference to your pocketbook!

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