New Book Reveals: 19 Fast Steps Middle Class Families Can Follow to Win the College Aid Game!

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you a step-by-step system to college cost reduction.

In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Benefit 1

    Eleven foolish things families do & don’t do that cost them thousands of dollars

  • Benefit 2

    What colleges don’t want you to know and how to use these secrets to save thousands

  • Benefit 3

    How to pay for college while protecting parents’ current lifestyle and future retirement plans

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

“Absolute must read for parents that are concerned with the cost of college. Buy it and read it before you sacrifice your hard earned college savings.

Rick Darvis, CPA
Rick Darvis, CPA Founder, National Institute of Certified College Planners

“There are many excellent books one could read about the college process.  Few cover the whole process.  The two sides, the financial and the academic, need to be addressed in balance - now more than ever before...This book offers what any family that wants a balanced picture should read”

Al Hoffman
Al Hoffman Co-founder of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG) and President of The College Funding Service Center

“Small business owners, professionals, and rental real estate owners can cut their college cost by 50% with just a few of the tips in this book!”

Ron Them, RFC, CCPS
Ron Them, RFC, CCPS Co-Founder National Institute of Certified College Planners
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