Top Ten Summertime Activities for Students


Top Ten Summertime Activities for Students Summertime!  Dreaming of sleeping in, hanging out with friends and producing YouTube videos?  Time is precious!  Plan now to use your summer time to explore careers, build upon your extra-curricular experiences, learn new skills or have new experiences. Here are some summertime ideas. Take up a new form of…

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Top Ten Study Tips for Surviving Finals and AP Test

Survive AP and Finals

Surviving Finals and AP Tests Worried about your upcoming finals or AP tests? Reduce stress and ace your tests by using these study tips from a graduate student, Renae.   1. Find a study space that suits you. For students who need a bit of chaos while they work, coffee houses usually have the perfect amount…

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Letters of Recommendation – What is your style?

Letters of Recommendation - student style

Letters of Recommendation – What is your style? Each student has a certain style of learning or performing in class and on the high school campus. Think about your three favorite classes on campus. Answer the following questions about yourself and how you have performed in each class: 1.What have you demonstrated in class that…

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3 Tips to Building Relationships with Teachers and Counselors

Teacher and Counselor

How do you get to know your teachers or counselor better? Here are 3 tips to building relationships with your teachers and counselors. Show up!  Make sure your counselor or teachers know you personally by showing up for class, for appointments and for school activities.  Drop by the teacher’s room or your counselor’s office during…

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Which SAT Subject Tests Can You Take in May?

SAT Subject Test

Deadlines to Register for SAT Subject Tests Soon! Deadlines to register for SAT Subject tests are in early April. How do you know if you need to take College Board SAT Subject tests?  Make your decision by: Reviewing the test requirements of the college you are interested in or plan to apply to. Planning to…

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Financial Aid: How do you know if the college is offering you enough money?

Financial Aid

You have offers of admissions from several universities. In addition to congratulating you on being admitted, the colleges will send you information about their offer of scholarships or other types of financial assistance available. When receiving financial aid, often one financial aid offer looks better. But is it really? How do you know? Compare financial…

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Killer Study Apps Students Must Have

Study Apps Must Have

Killer Study Apps Students Must Have Do you dream of spending less time studying and still getting great grades? Turn your phone or device into a study machine. With finals just around the corner, now is the time to learn how to use some of these great resources.  You may find a favorite that you’ll…

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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Campus Housing Choices

One of the biggest questions you have as a student (and your parents too) is ‘Where will I be living next year?” This is a big decision. Be sure to explore all your options. Check out the housing choices on campus. Learn which choices are available to you. Housing Styles Traditional Residence Halls:  This the…

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How to Become A College Athlete

How to become a college athlete

College Athlete Many colleges offer the students the opportunity to play sports – either at the varsity level, or in clubs and intramurals.  Do you have what it takes to play sports in college? Student athletes often report more stress than non-athletes. They have more responsibilities and may not get enough time for sleep.   But…

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The Complete College Planning Calendar

College Calendar

The Complete College Planning Calendar   Click Here to Subscribe to Newsletter Source: Online College

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