An undergraduate college education for FREE, guaranteed!

Free College Education

Are you wondering how to get a college education for free? Finnish consider education as one of their top priorities.  Even to Americans, an undergraduate college education is free! Regardless of nationality, tuition is provided free of charge for all Bachelor and Doctoral level degrees.   However, you will need to be able to cover your everyday living expenses while living in Finland. You should not worry about the language barrier, because the Finnish higher education institutions offer approximately 550 programs that are taught completely in English.

Finnish Higher Education: Universities and Polytechnics

The Finnish higher education consists of two separate components: universities and polytechnics.  The Finnish universities concentrate on research and “provide academic higher education based on research.”  Polytechnics, also known as universities of applied science (UAS), target professional degrees and vocational degrees.  Finnish universities and polytechnics, both offer Bachelor and Master degrees.  Doctorate degrees are only available at universities.  It will take you approximately 3 years to complete a university Bachelor’s degree, and two additional years to complete a university Master’s degree.  A UAS Bachelor’s degree will take a little longer to complete – approx. 3.5 to 4 years.

Undergraduate College Education For Free & Student Residence Permit Required

While undergraduate education is free, international students must apply for a student residence permit. This student residence permit must be renewed annually. On this application, a student needs to show that they have at least 500€ per month ($660 in today’s conversion rate) available to use at their disposal.  You should carefully read about the financial requirement on the student residence permit before applying to and Finnish university or polytechnics. The average monthly living expenses for a student in Finland are approximately $900 to $1150 per month.  Of course, you might need more you are studying in a metropolitan area such as Helsinki and other large cities.

Part-time Job Hard to Find

If you do not speak Finnish or Swedish, finding part-time work to help cover the living expenses will be difficult.  Students are not guaranteed to find employment, so you should plan on financing your studies while in Finland without this additional income.  If you do happen to find a part-time job, consider it welcomed bonus. Nevertheless, students are offered discounts in student restaurants and public transportation.  To lower your living expenses, you can also share student housing. . The average monthly rent for a single room in a shared student flat ranges from approximately 160€ ($211) to 340€ ($448).

Study Abroad and Save

Does your student want to travel abroad?  If so, are you looking for a location this is both an exotic and a safe country?  Why not consider studying in a country that has four separate seasons, in which you can experience the midnight sun in the summer and a period of near darkness in the winter. This country is diverse in landscape with both large cities and rural areas. Finland is located beside Sweden, Norway, and Russia in northern Europe and has a democratically elected government. More importantly, are you looking to save thousands of dollars in college cost?  If so, you need to consider an undergraduate college education in Finland!


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