Our Partnership:

Since you are now a member of the Clark College Funding Inc. “family,” you are an unofficial “Associate” or “Affiliate” of the CCF family and I want you to share in our success!! Whether you are a Free, Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude member of the College Aid for Middle Class, you are automatically an affiliate with an active account.

Your Referrals:

The highest form of compliment that you can give a person in my profession is an introduction to someone who you would like to see benefit from my services.  It shows your trust and confidence in me and your willingness to share that with others.  Not only will you be helping me expand my business, more importantly you will be helping those you introduce to me. This simple act of goodwill allows me to spend more time helping and working with clients like you.  It also provides me with sufficient time to continuously educate myself to better serve you with accurate and timely financial advice. One of my most challenging concerns is simply being introduced on a favorable basis to qualified people that are intelligent, responsible, and successful like yourself.  I respectfully proceed with caution to ensure that relationships are not jeopardized, but rather strengthened through your thoughtful introductions. I just want to assure you that I won’t pressure or offend anyone to whom you refer to me.  And in fact, I’m sure they’ll be appreciative of my services, regardless of whether they’re interested in doing business with me.[divider_bar]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_bar]

Lucrative Commissions:

For every referral you make who moves forward with our program, you will receive a lucrative commission or referral fee; your referral will receive a $50 discount off our services (in addition to the unmatched college assistance we will supply them); and I receive a new client…Everybody wins! Earn commissions on ALL products, virtual workshops, coaching, etc., when your referrals upgrade to another product or service.  Commissions range depending on the product that is purchased: Cum Laude Commission $100, Magna Cum Laude Commission $150, Summa Cum Laude Commission $200. When your referrals upgrade any time in the future using the same account they start with, you’ll earn the commission! Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month following the 30 day refund period. Of course, you can not refer yourself. I suggest using your Paypal email to make it easier for me to pay you commissions. Also, if you choose to be a member at this site for the live coaching and courses, your upgrades will go more smoothly. [divider_bar]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_bar]

Associate/Affiliate Link:

Your “Associate” or “Affiliate” link is Sorry, you must log in before you can view this content. Click here to log in and the number at the end of that link is specific to you. Using this link in a quick email to all your friends, co-workers, and family members who could use our help allows you to earn a commission for every one of your referrals who decides to move forward with one of my services. And whenever you make a sale, that information is shown in the Affiliate Details Page.

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Education Grants for School about Ryan Clark

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Blown Away By College Cost #1 125 X 125

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Blown Away By College Cost #3

Drop That Cake

JV email #2 send 3 days prior to workshop.

Have You Started Looking At Colleges?

Parent to Parent Referral Email.

Later Tonight I am Excited to Bring You Ryan Clark

JV email #3 send the day of the webinar.

Reveal the secrets that radically change how families select, apply, and attend a private school at a public school price!

Email #1 for JV’s can send out 1 week before the scheduled webinar.

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