Unique Coaching and Planning Tools for Targeted Learning!

At Clark College Consulting, we’re students at heart. We’re always traveling around the country visiting colleges, meeting with high school counselors, and attending conferences to stay on top of the ever-changing world of college admissions and government regulations to provide your family with the competitive edge you need.

Maximum Flexibility

With the a-la-carte hourly services, my training provides maximum flexibility for students and families. Families have the option of selecting the topics of their choice.  You determine which particular step, problem, or subject matter of the college planning process you would like to discuss.

I work with students and parents all over the United States via Skype, Google Hangouts, and face-to-face meetings. 


Course Selection

Unsure about what classes to take next year?  Are you changing schools?  Confused about Honors and classes?


College Visits

Your college visit is one of the most important steps in the college planning process.  What questions should you be asking on your college tours?  When should you start visiting?  What are the different types of visits?  What questions do I ask and who should I speak to?  When is the best time to go on a visit?  I will show you how to make sure your college visit are not a waste of time and money!   


Application Strategy

Let's organize and plan your application details and deadlines.   Strategize on how to formulate your resume, short answers, portfolios, and essays to give you the competitive edge you need today in this very competitive arena.  Learn how to highlight your strengths and interest.   


Student Resume or Bragg Sheet

See where your strengths lie and where you can further your talents and leadership abilities by creating a compelling student resume.  A great resume can be given to your centers-of-influence and whom you might want to write letters of recommendation, so they know more about the your accomplishments.


Standardized Testing Schedule

Do you know when you should start taking the SAT/ACT?  How many times should you take the test?  How do you prepare and what resources are available?  Should you consider test optional schools?


High School Curriculum Planning

Every college will review your high school transcript.  We can help you navigate this process and give you recommendations and suggestions. 


Interview Coaching

An interview is an opportunity to show that you are more than what is listed on your college application.  You want to show your are a multi-dimensional human being and display interest in the school.  Most teenagers do not have a lot of practice interviewing, so it is essential we teach them.  Interviewing is a skill that can be learned.


Scholarship Search

Need-based and Merit-based are the two types of college scholarships available to you.  Private scholarships represent about 25% of the total scholarship dollars available awarded each year.  Pursuing and researching private scholarship can feel like a full-time job.  We can help you with this task to save your time and reduce your stress.  


Reducing the Cost of College

We take a multifaceted approach that begins with determining the best strategy for your family to reduce the cost of college. There are many forms of aid to help you lessen the cost of college. While you might not qualify for need-based aid at an instate public school, you might qualify for aid at a private school.  Even if you are not eligible for need-based aid, you still have the opportunity to be eligible for merit aid and the college's endowment money.  We will determine the best strategy for your individual family and help you implement this strategy to reduce the cost of college. We routinely aid families who did not think they would qualify for financial aid based on their income or assets with incredible results.


Creating a Plan to Pay for College

Financial advisors and CPAs typically do not have the expertise and insights that are needed for a comprehensive college plan. They do not have the training on specific government regulations, financial aid, various financial aid forms, scholarships, grants, the many college "tax scholarships," etc.. This specialization means we have a very specific skill set. Would you want your general practitioner doctor to perform knee surgery?

We work in conjunction with your Financial advisors and your CPA. Many financial advisors and CPAs recommend and refer their clients to us because the value added by our specialized skills is immense.